how to check speed test on blogspot

Regard greetings and peace 1malaysia.

.Today,i would show something tutorial that can helping to ease your blog from heavy.. .

.First, u should go the website to consider your blog.

.If your blog got that the heavy more then 200kb, you must remove the gadget where that you not needed.

. Example like Flash applicatin, blink2 star rain, photo from and please do not using reception alerts When visitor come to your blog, that can be messy of them.because, some visitors will got lock-block on THEIR computer. . :)

.That is important to make your blogspot get friendly visitor from they all,and some little,that can increase your traffic also.

.I hoping,my's posting can helping you all to get the consider stability on your blog.

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ZORA berkata...

wow....berat gak blog zora...

nice entri..:)

Aerol Hafiezi berkata...


hehehe entry zora best2 ^^

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lik lak,kejap jeww ^^

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